Address: St Peter's Community Hall, Church Hill, Carrigrohane, Co. Cork

About me: Heather Watson


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I have always been an "animally person". When I was younger I kept hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and even a preying mantis. Even at a young age I had  an interest in animal behaviour and my sister and I managed to teach our cat Sooty to sit, give a paw and jump over hurdles, all using reward-based training. I set up my own pet minding business (Animal Accomodation) over 7 years ago which has given me a lot of experience caring for a wide variety of pets in a professional manner.





APDT cert


I own a sweet border collie called Bobby, adopted from the West Cork Animal Welfare Group. We love training together; Bobby's favourite things are frisbees, footballs, cheese and cuddles! 


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I got into doing pet sketches when a friend asked me to do a portrait of her dog for her husband; the Malamute cross that you see in the Pet Sketches page was the result. It was then that I realised how much character can be captured in a simple pencil sketch, and how enthusiastic owners are to have a lasting memento of their treasured pet. I have also enjoyed creating a line of greeting cards from prints of my different sketches. 

I also enjoy drawing and painting on a much larger scale, which is why I got into murals and backdrops. I have a particular interest in animals but have also painted cartoons, tropical scenes, sports figures and super heroes!