About Me

Heather and Bobby

My family is made up of myself, my husband, our toddler, border collie Bobby and cat Buttons. Bobby is my business partner and a super family dog. He used to love agility practise in the garden and long hikes but 2 years ago he suffered a FCE (spinal stroke). After months of rehab he got the partial use of 3 legs back, so now he lives life to the full on 3 legs, albeit a little slower and a bit wobblier! His favourite things in life have always been balls and cuddles, and that hasn’t changed a bit!

I have always been an “animally person”. When I was younger I kept hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and even a preying mantis. Even at a young age I had  an interest in animal behaviour and my sister and I managed to teach our cat Sooty to sit, give a paw and jump over hurdles, all using reward-based training. I set up my own pet minding business (Animal Accommodation) in secondary school which gave me a lot of experience with a wide variety of animals. After college I volunteered as a dog walker for Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline (a fabulous rescue charity that rescues and reunites lost pets) and as a family we also fostered many cats and a dog with them.


  • Full professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland (APDTIre 050) (2018)
  • First Class BSc Zoology degree (2012)
  • Diploma (Distinction) in Foundation Canine Training and Behaviour Management with Creedon’s College (2013)
  • Think Dog! Certificate with Sarah Whitehead, Alpha Education (2012)
  • IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) 4 day Instructors Course Certificate (2017)
  • Certificate (Distinction) in Canine First Aid (2014)

Pet Portraits

I got into doing pet sketches when a friend asked me to do a portrait of her dog for her husband. It was then that I realised how much character can be captured in a simple pencil sketch, and how enthusiastic owners are keen to have a lasting memento of their treasured pet. I have also enjoyed creating a line of greeting cards from prints of my different sketches. 

I also enjoy drawing and painting on a much larger scale, which is why I got into murals and backdrops. I have a particular interest in animals but have also painted cartoons, tropical scenes, sports figures and super heroes!